Joule identify and finance self-funding energy saving projects at zero cost

All organisations are keen to cut energy use and spend. However, the long-term investment this requires can be a challenge, particularly for businesses when pressure is always into growing revenues. As a result, we have found many organisations that are only able to invest in energy efficiency schemes with a pay back of one or two years - missing out on long term cost savings, as well as environmental and reputational benefits.


No upfront capital contribution



JOULE arranges finance for projects where the solution has already been developed, so that the savings cover all of the investment needed, at no costs to our clients.


Customer benefits

We make sure the savings return cash to the customer right from the outset.

Renewable energy schemes

JOULE develops energy efficiency and renewable energy schemes, showing how energy savings can best be supplied and used by an organisation to save it money. We apply appropriate technology that will pay for itself from the savings made.


What we do

We identify energy saving schemes that would typically require payback in three to seven years, although the cost and carbon saving benefits can continue long after the project.
JOULE works with advisors and suppliers to agree what savings can be achieved, using this basis to put in place the best financing solution. One funded through day-to-day OPEX that delivers immediate, reliable savings without up-front investment from the client.
Businesses conserve working capital, maintain lines of credit and can afford to make the best decisions for their future.
JOULE looks for projects that will deliver a predictable payback through the reliable application of energy saving technology. This is supported by a thorough savings calculation, appropriate measurement and verification and straightforward but robust contracting.

JOULE has developed and funded projects from £1000s to £mms, to realise significant cost savings for both private and public sector organisations, in:

  • Distribution and Logistics
  • Facilities management
  • Health
  • Horticulture
  • Leisure and hospitality
  • Manufacturing
  • Property
  • Retail
  • Sheltered and social housing



How we can help you

We set out to understand customer opportunities and needs, develop best in class solutions, and then build fundable saving schemes, to deliver the best return, at an acceptable level of risk.
We focus on the demand side first, to save energy at point of use before optimising the supply of that energy.
We help financiers to quickly and easily evaluate the investment, and propose an appropriate funding solution, using standard contracts and protocols to keep costs down and avoid unnecessary delays.
We draw on a range of funding options including asset backed finance, capital and operating leases, efficiency services agreements, managed energy services agreements, as well as property-assessed clean energy financing(PACE) and other public sector funding schemes.
For larger projects we can offer on and off-balance sheet funding models.


Logistics Company

When a leading European logistics company wanted a wide-ranging LED lighting retrofit at four large, UK cold stores, we provided the solution through an Energy Management Service Contract – a form of ESA in which the provider guarantees that a minimum (threshold) energy saving will be delivered by the retrofit at each of the cold stores…


Coca Cola

Joule Funding is working with a global soft drinks company to help one of its large customers to finance a broad range of energy efficiency measures. This scheme will update catering equipment and HVAC plant, install voltage optimisation and LED lighting to save 10% to 20% of the total annual energy spend…

How it works

Energy efficiency measures are paid-for from the savings that they deliver. With no up front investment, CAPEX and savings can be diverted to revenue raising activities and operating costs are reduced from the outset. Clients make an immediate, and sustained saving in their energy costs, also cutting maintenance and other related spend.

JOULE is independent of funders, suppliers and providers and so can define the right solution for the client’s need. Creditworthy organisations benefit from the installation of equipment and other measures that cut energy spend and service costs.
This investment is fully financed, with no initial capital contribution or additional operational spend. It is repaid from some of the savings made, over a relatively short term, typically between three and seven years.
We can simplify accounting and reporting, cut the cost of metering on rollout to quickly prove the savings – or pilot initiatives and work with suppliers to guarantee the savings needed. Alternately, the risk can be mitigated by specialist insurance.
Our services are also paid through the savings made.


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