About us

About Us

Client value

Our core capabilities lie not just in arranging paid-for energy efficiency schemes, but in identifying those that will create the most value for our clients’ businesses.

One-stop solution

We can give our clients a one-stop solution which simplifies delivery, reduces risk and allows them to concentrate on their core business – while saving them money.

USA, Europe and LATAM

Based in London, we advise clients in the UK and Europe, as well as the USA and LATAM.


Our People

Andrew Shortis

Managing Director

Andrew brings a wealth of energy, environmental, and corporate finance experience, and particularly of energy-efficiency, renewable energy, and demand side management.

The significant potential growth opportunity for demand side management and energy-efficiency in the UK is already clear. A recognised influencer in this emerging market, he has worked closely with private and public sector bodies to encourage the take-up of energy efficiency and simplify procurement.

Andrew has developed, financed, and delivered paid-from-savings, energy efficiency contracts for European and US multinationals, and public sector organisations. These projects have involved all kinds of energy saving technologies, and funding solutions – both on and off-balance-sheet, ranging in size from tens-of-thousands to multi-millions.

His success builds on a strong network, an outstanding education in engineering and corporate finance, and a strong track record as a technology venture capitalist and business leader, delivering strategy-led growth in energy efficiency, environmental technology, renewable energy, and financial services – as well as time spent raising business and project finance.


Charles Ogilvie


Charles is a senior executive whose broad expertise in renewable energy and sustainable development spans six years of c-suite collaboration with a range of players from PE firms and specialist funds to established operators, business start-ups, PPP and government agencies. He applies a detailed understanding of both the technological and policy environment and extensive senior contacts across the sector to source funding, define company governance and strategy, identify opportunities, and develop complex projects in energy management and integrated solutions.

After gaining a first at Magdalen College, Oxford Charles worked in Iraq, as a Producer and Director of news pieces and promotional material for a US contractor, before returning to the UK where he became Chief of Staff to the Shadow Energy Minister. Over the next two years he provided key input into Energy policy development and supported the new minister on his entry into government and the handover to the Department of Energy and Climate Change.

Since then, Charles has consulted for many of the major players in renewable energy across wind and wave, solar, coal decommissioning, and energy solutions. As well as providing valuable insight into market and policy developments, he has repeatedly delivered new business, closed multi-million-pound contracts, expanded client base and guided companies into new sectors and markets.


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